How to find a good attorney

There are several methods to find an attorney:

1. Word of mouth.

Check with your friends if they know a good attorney. However, mind that attorneys specialize in different types of law so you need to ask for attorney who specializes in area of law relevant to your case. This method is not very objective.

2. Check State or City Bar referral services. 

Every State or City Bar has members referral service. Call that service and ask for several names (usually they will give you 2-3 names) explaining what you case about or if you know what area of law it belongs to. Do not forget to ask why they recommend you these attorney(s), what is their hourly rate and what is their policy for initial consultation meeting. While many attorneys do not charge for initial consultation, quite a few ask for some money, usually reduced hourly rate or some free time and than regular hourly rate. It is also a good idea to ask what is average hourly rate for attorneys specializing in the area of law relevant to you case. Do not hourly rate scare you off because different attorneys have different productivity, meaning that some spend more time working on the same brief. Higher rate is directly increasing cost only when it is fixed time spent by different attorneys such as telephone conversation and meetings with you or time in court. Arguably, even in this situations different attorneys could be more or less efficient. That is why during your first meeting you always need to ask attorneys cost estimates of your case. While these are ball park numbers they would give you some idea how much it might cost you to retain this attorney.