About ScrewedByLawyer site

  This site is created to help thousands of people wronged by attorneys, judicial process and left without help and hope to find justice and understand what to do next. This is nonprofit and independent site created by American citizens and is not supported by any legal or corporate entity, not motivated to advance any corporate and/or legal professional interests or agenda.  Daniel Webster said "Most good lawyers live well, work hard and die poor." In fact, we believe that today more than ever majority of the legal professionals became businessmen looking to enrich themselves like business executives instead of serving the justice. The ever rising legal fees made legal help and, possibly, justice itself inaccessible to most citizens of this country. The judges are also less thinking about fairness and more how they will be able to find great jobs after they leave the bench -- will they be able to become highly paid arbitrators and mediators liked by the corporations or maybe become corporate legal counsels. We believe that as the citizens we left with very few options, but two most powerful of them are:
1. Demand more transparency of the judicial process, including judicial appointments and/or elections, judicial accountability and oversight of the practicing attorneys. We do not need more greedy attorneys -- we need more good attorneys, knowledgeable of the law and ethical in their dealings with clients. We need them not on TV or in Hollywood movies, but in real life.

2. Put pressure on politicians to update the laws that protect rights of the citizens of this country from corporate and governmental abuse.

    To achieve any progress and improvement of this situation we need to shed more light on the workings of the legal professionals, including both lawyers and judges. The founding principle of the American Democracy is that the government we have should be a "government of the people, by the people, for the people", and corporations are not people and lawyers have the same rights as any other citizens in this country and they are not "more equal than others".

   This site is created for all of us citizens and residents of this country, and all people who believe in great principals this country was founded on and that cannot be changed to serve just top 1%. We are an open community and if you want to get involved and help we welcome your contribution, suggestions and and involvement of building this site for all and in making American Democracy more just and fair society for the other 99%.