WARNING: Bogus Phone Calls, Emails on Jury Service May Lead to Fraud
   In various parts of the United States, citizens are being targeted by phone calls and emails, threatening them with prosecution for failing to comply with jury service in federal or state courts.
Persons receiving such a telephone call or email should not provide the requested information, and should notify the Clerk of Court's office of the U.S. District Court in their area. Contact information for federal courts may be found through the U.S. Courts court locator.
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   According to the American Bar Association Profile of Legal Malpractice reports number of malpractice claims against lawyers grew from 36,844 in 1999 study to 52,982 in 2011. The number of malpractice cases grew faster than number of total cases filed in Federal and State courts and than number of attorneys in US. A leading Canadian legal malpractice insurance company LAWPRO analyzed the types of most frequent error in legal malpractice:

There is no doubt that if bars and courts would be less lenient to attorneys mistakes the number of malpractice cases would grow even higher. It is no secret for anyone that number of complaint dismissed without any action by both Bars and Courts is much higher than the number of reprimanded and penalized attorneys. There are many reasons for that, but the most significant one is that most injured clients cannot find and/or afford attorney to represent them in malpractice action and do it pro se. The second reason is that in most states a petitioner dissatisfied with the decision of the Bar cannot bring legal action against the Bar and has even less chances to appeal a low court decision that often dismisses the cases or decide them on summary judgement by a judge and not by the jury. In other words, in the current status quo attorneys are not accountable for their malpractice errors and the system is mostly opaque for consumers of legal services to find out how good is attorney they want to hire, because there is no open public database where consumer to can look up an attorney and see if there were any Bar or Court actions against this attorney. It is not unusual that disbarred attorneys or attorneys whose license was suspended or under investigation still retaining by new clients and continue doing damage. Somehow, the legislature does not see important to protect consumers from bad attorneys. The are no lemon laws barring bad (only disbarred) attorneys from practicing law despite no shortages of attorneys. The army of lawyers grew from 285,933 lawyers in 1960 or 627 people per 1 lawyer to 723,189 lawyers in 1988 or 339 people per 1 lawyer [1] and in 2012 according to American Bar Association there were 1,245,205 attorneys in US [2] or 253 people per 1 lawyer more than in any other country in the world. There are more attorneys in US than physicians and almost as many as software engineers.
Another interesting fact is that the higher concentration of lawyers in particular geographic area directly correlates with higher their median salary adjusted for the cost of living [3]:

   In the eyes of many, these revelations [about multi-billion dollar Savings and Loan debacle] are part of a larger pattern of lawyer misconduct that has contributed to a diverse array of modern woes, including the litigation crisis, the spiraling cost of medical care, the insider trading scandals on Wall Street, and the proliferation of fraudulent tax practices. Indeed, in a recent speech to the American Bar Association (ABA), the Vice President of the United States strongly suggested that lawyers who "overuse and abuse the legal system" are partially to blame for America's failure to compete effectively in the global economy.[4]
          According to the latest Gallup poll of Honesty and Ethics in Profession conducted in November of 2012 and historic data the percentage of Very High/High public opinion of lawyers was consistently sliding since early 1990's reaching 19% in 2012:

    Unless these trends are not reversed the United States will change from the great country it was in 20th century into ruins of another empire before the end of the 21th century. There can be no democracy of 1%, there can be no democracy when some people are more equal than others.  

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